A+ Lawn Service is a Lawn Mowing and Lawn Care Company, but do you Apply Fertilizers?

No!  At  A+ Lawn Service, our main focus is mowing your lawn!  For our regular mowing customers we do provide Fall and Spring Cleanups, Hedge and Shrub Trimming, and Mulch Bed Maintenance on a per hourly basis.  But throughout the years we have stayed away from fertilizers and pesticides for 2 main reasons:

There are many other businesses out there that specialize in chemical and fertilizer applications to your lawn.  They have very large tanks filled with liquid fertilizers which they buy in very large quantities, so they can apply it to your lawn more efficiently and cost effectively.  If you do decide to go with one of these companies, or decide to do it yourself, the Cornell Cooperative Extension has recommended doing so no more than two times per year – usually one time around memorial day after the lawns have finished their spring growth spurt, and a second application around labor day to spur growth before going into the dormant winter season.

The over application of pesticides and fertilizers to your lawn can be counterproductive and have a negative impact on the environment, which brings us Sky Pond - Rocky Mountainsto the second reason we don’t use fertilizers or chemicals at A+ Lawn Service.  We are
seeing widespread pollution from the runoff of commercial and residential fertilizers and chemicals into the Chesapeake Bay, The Great Lakes, and  into many of our lakes,
streams and rivers throughout the United States. This runoff is creating hugh dead zones where there is no oxygen so fish and other wildlife are unable to breath and are therefore dying off.  It has also suspected that runoff chemicals are causing genetic deformities in aquatic animals such as frogs and fish.  Not good for us if those fish happen to be a part of our food chain.  Fertilizer and manure used and produced by big farms are the main causes of this type of runoff pollution, but residential and commercial applications of fertilizers and pesticides also contribute significantly to the problem.

Are grass clippings good for the lawn?

At A+ Lawn Service, we prefer to leave the grass clippings on the lawn.  They are good The root system of your lawn is proportional to the height of the grassbecause they help retain moisture and water, help to protect your lawn’s root system from the hot summer sun.  They also provide a natural fertilizer as they decompose.  All these benefits, and you will not even know they are there.  For a healthier and better looking grass, we recommend that you leave the clippings on the lawn.

How often do we cut the grass?

After 32 seasons of maintaining lawns throughout the greater Binghamton area, we know what we’re doing!  In general, here is what you can expect:

  • We will start mowing sometime in late April when the grass begins to grow.  Usually, you will get one mow in April, maybe two if it’s an early spring.
  • In the springtime, May and June, the lawns are growing vigorously so we cut the grass on a weekly schedule.  On average, you will receive 4 mows per month for
    May and June, sometimes you may get a 5th mow in May, depending on the season.
  • In the Summertime, and for the rest of the mowing season, we generally see less rain and the lawns tend to slow down a bit.  We mow about every ten days, which usually means about three mows per month from July through October.

So overall, you are usually looking at about 21 or 22 mows for the entire season, but please remember, this is for a normal year:  If we get more rain,  we will mow the grass a little more; if we get less rain, we well mow a little less.

How much will it cost to mow my lawn?

Please call A+ Lawn Service today for your free estimate.  We think you will agree that A+ truly is affordable!  

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