Lawn Care, Landscaping and Yard work.

A+ Lawn Service is primarily a lawn mowing company, but we do provide additional lawn care and light landscaping services, such as fall cleanups, hedge trimming and mulch bed maintenance,  to help you keep your yard looking great year-round. Anytime throughout the year, we will happily provide the following additional services to our regular and full-time lawn mowing customers:

Fall and Spring Cleanups

In the fall, we’re talkin’ leaves!  Pretty basic really – Rake and blow ’em, and haul ’em
away.  If you have a lot of leaves, don’t let them sit on your lawn all winter long. Protect your lawn, get the leaves off well before the first snow comes.

Springtime cleanups usually involve collecting and raking those pesky little twigs and sometimes bigger branches that somehow manage to accumulate all over your yard
throughout the winter months.  Or maybe, that stubborn oak tree that refuses to relinquish its leaves until mid winter.  Or maybe, you neglected to do the leaves in the fall.  Whatever the case, we’re here to clean up your yard before the mowing season begins.

Hedge and Shrub Trimming

Again, pretty basic and self explanatory.  We do a pretty darn good job of keeping your shrubs looking good, reasonably well shaped and under control.  If you’re looking for someone to maintain your shrubs at a reasonable price, then we’re “your guys”.

We have been known from time to time to prune back unruly branches, and to cut down and haul away small  trees, but I must emphasize, we are definitely not a tree company.

Mulch Bed Maintenance

We do basic weeding and replenish your mulch beds with fresh, new mulch of your choosing to keep them looking great year after year.